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Maya Rituals

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One kind of sacrifice goes like this, two warriors go on the great sacrifice stone one of the warriors is victim he is chained to the great sacrifice stone and fought to the death and his only weapon is a sword with feathered edges!

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Now I will tell you about when they take out the heart. The victim is painted the color of sacrifice blue. After that the priest climbed up the stairs and laid the victim on a stone to make his stomach elevated. The priest then cut a hole and stuck his hand in and put the still live heart on a plate.

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The ritual of bloodletting is a ritual to the Maize Gods and to the process of birth. They also per formed many rituals and ceremonies to communicate with their deities.

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The jaguar the Mayas most sacred animal still was sacrificed. Ritual burial for Maya kings included a jade necklace around their necks and an array of other objects. Captive warriors were the most often to be sacrificed. At the end of a ball game some players would be sacrificed.